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My Saturday classes are done and I agreed to meet the chef (a.k.a. Reich) at the Shopwise Commonwealth Branch to help her with grocery duties.   Going there from school, my tummy was growling, and mind you, this is not the usual petty hunger pangs. I was beading with cold sweat while driving. This is my body’s no-brainer sign that I am REALLY, SERIOUSLY hungry.  (Takaw much lang? Di makapaghintay?) Survival instincts kicking in, upon hearing an ambulance, I stepped on the gas (well actually, diesel yung sasakyan) and sped my way.  Since I arrived before Reich did, I told her to meet up with me in LING NAM. They have a branch in Shopwise Commonwealth.

Lunch first, OF COURSE, before everything else.

First things first, I ordered a SIOPAO ASADO. This is just to tame the monster within until the real battle (chowtime!) begins. 

As soon as the siopao arrived, I downed it in a few big  bites, only to realize that I forgot to remove the sheet of paper underneath. Daaang! (The paper is used to protect the siopao bottom from sticking to the steamer).  Guiltily, I glanced around to make sure no one saw me eat the paper. LOL!!! Thank goodness, every one’s busy with their food! You should’ve seen the look on my face!


The ASADO SIOPAO is soft. The white bread (dough or whatever you call it) has a hint of sweetness in it.  The asado filling is good! Be sure to eat this while it is still hot. (And without paper! Haha!) This is best partnered with Beef Wanton Mami.

Reich finally arrives. Lunch orders were taken and after a few minutes food was served, very much welcomed by our grumbling stomachs!


This is my order, the LING NAM BEEF RICE.  It’s good and satisfying but there’s nothing special ‘bout this one. Tastes like beef marinated in Teriyaki sauce. It comes with sautéed mung bean (mongo) sprouts and steamed rice.

Serving Suggestions:
  • Improve plating. There seems to be a missing food portion in the upper-right area of the plate. Perhaps the beef or the sprouts can be spread better to occupy more space. Hence, eliminating the “missing food portion”. 
  • Bigger serving. For its price, I expected more on my plate. Add more strips of beef to make it a fuller meal and worth the price.


Reich ordered this, the LONGGANISA MACAO BREAKFAST MEAL.  Chinese sausage served with scrambled egg, garlic rice, and atchara (pickled unripe papaya) on the side.  In other words LONGSILOG, Chinese-style.  The Longganisang Macao was actually good. Just the right amount of sweetness and flavor. I liked it!  

The flavors of these Pinoy sausages vary with each region, specializing in its own distinct taste. For the Lucbanons (from Lucban, Quezon Province) they want their longganisa laden with lots of garlic; in Guagua, Pampanga, they want their sausages salty and sour; and the northerners from Vigan, Ilocos Sur, want theirs with a combination of flavors – a li’l garlicky, a li’l peppery and a li’l salty.

Longganisa can also be made with chicken, beef and fish. Yes folks! Seafood lovers can also enjoy this goodness with the tuna and bangus variety, or so I heard from my friends in GenSan (General Santos City, South Cotabato).  

COOKING TIP: Cook longganisa in water, NOT cooking oil. Boil it in a small amount of water first. It cooks in its own fat after the water has evaporated. :-)

HAKAW for P135.

This dim sum is called HAKAW or, Har Gow for some hardcore Chinese (mainlander). It is a delicately steamed dumpling with whole or chopped-up shrimp filling in a thin wheat starch skin/wrapper. You can see the silhouette of the hearty fillings inside it. In Cantonese, dim sum literally means “to touch the heart”. And this one really did touch my heart. (Almost gave me cardiac arrest. Kidding, kidding!) It really tastes good! It dissolves almost immediately in my mouth, as the heavenly flavors of shrimp and pork kick in. I will never get tired of eating this mouthwatering treat.


This is the TAOPEY ROLL or Beancurd Roll or Tofu Roll. The tofu skin is sturdily packed and the meat filling is really good. And the sauce -- delectable with its sweet and tangy flavor! I recommend this every time you go for a dim sum grind.  It will never fail to win your taste bud’s approval. :-)

Check out the menu:
Ling Nam Menu 01 Ling Namn Menu 02 Ling Nam Menu 03 Ling Nam Menu 04
Ling Nam Menu 05 Ling Nam Menu 06 Ling Nam Menu 07

For a good food experience, LING NAM is FAIRLY RECOMMENDED.  They can still improve on plating (aesthetics) and their air-conditioning. It somehow felt hot… or was that just me??? Hehe!

Information on Ling Nam:

Ground Floor, Shopwise Commonwealth
Block 17, Commonwealth Avenue,
Barangay Holy Spirit , Quezon City

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See the other branches here.

Delivery Hotlines:
(+632) 932-1388
(+632) 351-8801

Open everyday.
Monday to Thursday, 8am to 12 midnight
Friday to Sunday, 7am to 12 midnight

Official Ling Nam Webpage
Official Ling Nam Facebook Page


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