Enjoying My Taho

It's raining hard where I am now. There's news of flood everywhere! I hope all of you are safe and dry. 

Since my official work called for suspension of operations today, I am enjoying my big cup of taho while composing stuff for Reich's Kitchen, planning meals for the week and labeling my recipe books and food magazines. Productive day for the Kitchen! Yeeeey! :-)

Taho is silken tofu served with arnibal (brown sugar syrup) and mini sago (tapioca). In the Philippines, it is a usual breakfast food or an afternoon snack. It is said to be of Chinese influence.  It is served warm or chilled. In some provinces, it is served with fruits native in their area. Like in Baguio, instead of serving it with arnibal, it's served with strawberry syrup. :-)

Keep warm, all. Hugs! :-)

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