Pong Is Here!

Hello there, everyone! 

I am PONG, the CO-AUTHOR of Reich’s Kitchen.

Pong The Awesome and Adventuresome. (Here, here!)
Pong The Tiresome and Irksome. (Good thing Reich endures it. She loves me! Ehem, CLUE here.:-D)
But most of all, PONG THE EFFORTLESSLY HANDSOME. (Ops, ops! May kokontra? ‘Alang basagan ng trip.)

I volunteered my services to co-author her amazing blog ultimately because I have so many hours of free time. My work is not that uhmmm stressful and life-consuming. (Lucky me!) I want to use my spare time productively.  I want to write my thoughts and experiences. By blogging, and regularly doing it, I know I will improve my skills too. I also want to blog for information (in a way) of the readers – you. Beneath all that, I simply just want to help Reich write some articles for her kitchen. 

I envision Reich's Kitchen as our showcase (museum kumbaga) of experiences as we share our collective love for great food and good company.  Simpleng kwentuhan lang while munching away! Well if it isn’t the noblest thing to do while alive. :-D

To all food lovers and adventure seekers out there, watch out for our articles that will surely make blog-reading more interesting.

Until next time mga kachibugan, this is your cutie pie PONG signing out.

Sabi nga ni idol George Bernard Shaw, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food”. Yebbah.


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