Aglio Olio

Never did I think that this simple pasta recipe can be so flavorful.  I was proven wrong.  This garlic and oil pasta wins my heart. From now on, I'm an AGLIO OLIO fan. :-)   

Mister Donut's Do-ssant


Tuna Tortilla

I just whipped up this no-brainer snack for a quick tummy fix. I call it the TUNA TORTILLA.

Philippines Wins 2013 Pyronale Fireworks World Championships

Watch this video of the champion Philippine Team, Dragon Fireworks, in the 2013 Pyronale Fireworks World Championships held in Berlin, Germany last September 6 to 7, 2013.


Proud to be Pinoy!

Video from PyroWorld.

SM Hypermarket's Master Chefs 2013: Barangay Cooking Challenge

SM Hypermarket's MASTER CHEFS 2013:
Barangay Cooking Challenge 

Hosted by Chef Hasset Go, Papa Dan of Barangay LS 97.1 and Monica Verallo of Unang Hirit 

Quezon City: Max's Chicken All-You-Can

Ready you tummies for this Anniversary promo of Max's Restaurant in Robinson's Magnolia.

CHICKEN ALL-YOU-CAN for only P239!!!

Happy Wife = Happy Life

I saw Fawn Weaver, the founder of the Happy Wives Club, re-post an article. It's about the Happy Wife = Happy Life: 21-Day Challenge. I invite you to look at it, whether you be single, in a relationship, or married. I believe this will help us grow.  It says that it will impact three things that are essential to our overall happiness:
  1. Relationship with Self 
  2. Relationship with Others 
  3. Relationship with God.

Additional Changes in the Kitchen

Since I owe a lot of the success of Reich's Kitchen to all of you, let me take you through another improvement. We're done (for now) improving how it looks. Now, let's tweak content. :-)

Angsty Food

Have you seen this going around Facebook lately? 

Hahahahaha! I can't help but share it with you. :-)

This is a comic strip by Alberto Jose Montt Moscoso, more famously known as Alberto Montt. He's a Chilean graphic artist of the online comic strip Dosis Diarias (Daily Dose).

Dosis Diarias Webpage
Alberto Montt's Facebook Page

Laugh! Smile! Food, even angsty ones, are still yummy to eat! :-)

Spam Melt Omelet

Good morning! :-) Whip up this easy SPAM MELT OMELET for breakfast. Your tummy will thank you for it!

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