Additional Changes in the Kitchen

Since I owe a lot of the success of Reich's Kitchen to all of you, let me take you through another improvement. We're done (for now) improving how it looks. Now, let's tweak content. :-)
I am planning to implement these changes. I'll also explain why.
  1. I will take out the labels REVIEW - RECIPES and WEEKLY RECIPE LINEUP. I don't think it benefits you much. I actually just did that to compile notes about my cooking schedule, which I can do on the recipe print itself and just share them with you when I put up the dish here. :-)
  2. I will start compiling the tips I have shared with you and make a separate page for them. It will be like a glossary of hints and tips for all the recipes here -- how-to's, must-have's, not-to's, etc. Don't worry, I will put links on the recipes for easy reference.
Please continue to expect recipes, food and resto reviews, travels, cooking tips and hints, food history and trivia, housekeeping matters, events, and the like. 

I am so excited to start these changes for you and I truly hope you'll be happy with them. :-) Huuugs!

Change Ahead photo from Tapprs.

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