Who's Reich?

I am REICH DE VERA (pronounced REYCH, not raik nor rayk) a singer, bookworm, volleyball fanatic, movie addict, food lover and traveler at heart. :-)

My Blogging Life

I started blogging in 2004. I have 4 personal blogs to my name since. My first blog ran from 2004 to 2006, the second 2006 to 2012, and my third ran for just the first half of 2013. All these three dealt with halo-halo topics, a little about this and that, a pinch here and there, but it's all about my life. Reich's Kitchen is the fourth one. This is my only blog that deals with something specific, something certain -- my love for food and traveling. :-)

The Start of Reich's Kitchen

One day in July 2013, I just had this light-bulb moment to start a food blog. I wanted to share the recipes I prepare for my diet, recipes that I fondly prepare for family and friends, as well as the recipes I read in the cookbooks and magazines we have at home. To check if I would have any readers, even just a faithful few, I posted in my social network account that I wanted to start a food blog, and the support from family and friends came pouring and was really overwhelming! By the end of that day, I was definitely decided to start Reich's Kitchen.

Shortly after I posted a couple of recipes and some travel and food destinations, I got invited to blogger's events -- new products, new restaurants, even blogging seminars! With this much going on in just a few weeks that Reich's Kitchen began, I knew in my heart that starting this was a good, and surely, a right choice. 

My Family Loves Food

My parents love to cook, and they're amazing at it. My Papa is a cookbook person. To cook something, he needs instructions to follow, and after a few times cooking it, he eventually memorizes the recipe.  My Mama is the look-in-the-fridge-and-cook-what's-there type. She can conjure something out of what we think are left-over or unpaired ingredients. (I took after my father. Haha!)

I grew up in a family who loves eating. At home, the kitchen is the busiest of all the rooms. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and heck, even school graduation and work promotion with -- you guessed it -- FOOD.

Need I Say I Love Food Too?

Growing up in a family that has big love for food and big appetites to match it, I was always on the look out for yummy finds.  I was never afraid of the kitchen, nor am I intimidated by kitchen gurus. I am gravitated towards them.  It's from them that I learned confidence in the kitchen. It's from them that I learned, and still learn my cooking skills. I am far from a Master Chef, an Iron Chef, or those you see on tv.  I just love food and I want to share this delicious life with you. :-)  

Why include travel and food destination in Reich's Kitchen?

Months into our relationship, Edward and I agreed to make albums/scrapbooks of our eating and travel adventures. Thanks to our non-blogging full-time jobs (and graduate studies), we were given no time to do it. The events were left as they originally are -- pictures and memories.  

Reich's Kitchen created a venue for us to finally make time for and do it.  It will not only be a repository of all our great times together (and prolly mishaps, too), but it's also a sharing of our lives to all of you. 

The Kitchen Now

After some convincing from friends and colleagues, and a whole lot of courage from me, I decided to officially get WWW.REICHSKITCHEN.COM. The plain dot com makes it solidly official. THIS.IS.IT.

You can also find us in Facebook and Twitter.

Of course, you can subscribe to and get Reich's Kitchen content from Feed Burner.

Plans in the Kitchen 

I envision Reich's Kitchen to be your go-to website for recipes, kitchen and cooking tips, household and housekeeping ideas, and, travel and food destinations.

I will promise to keep you updated with more recipes (and interesting stories about it), more kitchen and house tips, and more places to visit. I will definitely share with you all my experiences in and out the kitchen because I want you to love food, not veer away from it, to cook and not be threatened by it.  No worries, it's just but normal to make mistakes, we become better because of them. :-) Be inspired to cook better for you and your loved ones! 

With Reich's Kitchen as your partner, bring the family together with each meal. Gift a smile on each of their faces because of your cooking. Make the world a better place one plate at a time. :-)

Keep in touch! :)

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