An Improved Reich's Kitchen For You

Dear Kitchen Readers,

Sorry for the "inactivity" the past few days. After I attended a blogging seminar, I was inspired to improve Reich's Kitchen for all of you. I made navigation clearer, thus easier for you to go around the site.

3 important changes to take note of:


Oh yes yes yes! You can now easily access Reich's Kitchen by typing You can access it with www or without it. 

Again, remember, it is now WWW.REICHSKITCHEN.COM. :-)

Still attached to the blogspot/blogger address? Don't you worry! redirects to this new address. Amazing!


We now have page tabs. You can see it just below the Reich's Kitchen header.

As of today, we have 3 tabs:
a. Home - Where you can see the blog entries posted chronologically,
b. Who's Reich? - Where you can read about me, my blogging history and how Reich's Kitchen came about and where it is headed,
c. Contact the Kitchen - Where you can find how to get in touch with me (email, facebook, twitter).


I added and tweaked other widgets to be more useful and friendly to you, and I took out those not needed anymore. 

Note the social media icons for easier following and subscription to the Kitchen.  Also, the Kitchen Topics are now very organized, making it easy for you to find articles/blog entries. Not to be left unnoticed is the Guestbook where you can freely write to say you have visited. Give me a holler there! :-)

I hope with these 3 improved sections on Reich's Kitchen, you will enjoy your visit and come by more often. :-)

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