Obsessed with the Ugly Beautiful

The ultimate Pinoy Summer dessert, the HALO-HALO, is New York City's new obsession! It's taking US by storm after catching media's attention in the city's Filipino restaurants.

It is also reported that it may trump the cronut as the U.S.'s summer's best sweet treat! Yun oh! Go, halo-halo!!!

Remember Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown episode on Jollibee? His companion ordered a halo-halo and he narrates, "It makes no godamn sense at all. I love it." And when Anthony gets it, he describes it as UGLY-BEAUTIFUL. Hahaha!

I love halo-halo! Especially Razon's and Kabigting's. But any halo-halo, kahit halo-halo dyan sa kanto, my tummy is happy happy happy! :-)

Waaaaa, gusto ko tuloy ng halo-halo ngayon! Gah.

Read the Philippine Star article here.
Photo from Chowking.

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