Power Breakfast

Hellooooo, Sunday! :-)

Start your day right with a power breakfast. It should be filling, yummy and healthy to get you going on a busy family day like today.

My power breakfast is composed of:
  • 1 cup WHOLE WHEAT CEREALS (I love the Nestle Fitnesse Banana Nut Clusters)
  • MILK (I always have flavored milk -- chocolate, strawberry, melon -- because I hate plain milk.)
  • YOGURT (I usually opt for non-fat yogurt, but any yogurt will do. It gives amazing benefits!)
  • FRUIT (If I'm extra hungry, I double the fruit!)

Just had my breakfast and I'm ready to face the day. Carpe Diem!

Happy Sunday, everyone! :-)

  PS. Look! I have a new photo watermark! Awesome!!! :-)

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