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I'm sorry, I just had to let out that squeal. I was just playing with this idea of a food blog yesterday and voila -- HERE. IT. IS!!! I'm so friggin' happy! Gah, hanggang tenga ang ngiti ko. Parang tanga lang. Hahaha!

Whooo. Ok, composing myself now...

Onto more serious matters.


What to expect:
  • Food Adventures
  • Cooking Adventures
  • Recipes - favorites, borrowed, and hopefully, after quite sometime, original (yehesss!) recipes of healthy food, and sometimes, unhealthy food (there, I said it!)
  • products - food, beverage, kitchen tools, and the like
  • cooking techniques - acquired from family, friends, and "friends" (those.. you know... famous people who I hope I'm chummies with -- asa!)
  • whatnots about food, beverage, cooking, baking
  • AT SYEMPRE -- posts on kitchen mishaps, food tragedies and epic fails. *crosses fingers and toes*

That sums up what I think I will post in Reich's Kitchen.  If I go beyond what's listed here, consider it added. Haha!

You are most encouraged to subscribe, follow, comment, share, give love, send food, etc. Thanks in advance!

If you have suggestions on posts, or you want your product, service, tools, or place to be featured in Reich's Kitchen, email me at Please put on the subject line REICH'S KITCHEN. Yes, I'm OC. *smiles*

Thanks for dropping by my kitchen!

That's it, pansit! Gotta go, sago! (Sorry, di ko na napigilan. Haha!)

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