I Got New Cookware -- For Free!

Shopwise has this Arzberg Cookware promo. You get a sticker for every P500 worth of products (kahit ano), and 1 extra sticker for at least P100 worth of the sponsor products. There's a number of stickers you have to get to avail of the cookware items for free or for a minimal price.

Twas a nice thing that the promo began just a bit before I started my diet. Hence, just a bit before I did my own cooking. Good Great timing! I instantly fell in love with the big frying pan! I was REALLY determined to get it. *game face*

So of course, every week I had to do my grocery there -- kahit medyo byahe pumunta dun. And after 2 months of weekly groceries, FINALLY, I HAVE  MY PAN!!!


Looking forward to cooking in this sosyal pan. I wonder if it will make my food sosyal too...

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